Thursday, July 2, 2015  
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Today, the Minnesota Department of Education announced that for the ninth year in a row, Minnesota students topped the nation in ACT scores. Here is what you need to know:


·         9 years – For nine years in a row, Minnesota students have posted the top ACT test scores in the nation.


·         22.9 – Minnesota seniors posted an average score of 22.9, compared to the nationwide average of 21


·         39% – More Minnesota students met each of the four benchmarks (39%) – English, reading, math, and science – than any other state (26% nationally)


·         76% – This year, 76% of Minnesota’s high school seniors (45,305 students) took the ACT test – a 2% increase over last year. Nationwide, only 57% took the test.


·         2015 – In 2015, all Minnesota juniors will take the ACT, free of charge, as part of new graduation requirements approved by the 2013 Legislature. This will help open post-secondary education opportunities for more students, and provide important information to educators on whether students are career and college ready.


What Governor Dayton is saying:


"I congratulate Minnesota students, teachers, and administrators on this tremendous accomplishment. These nation-leading scores demonstrate to the entire country the academic ability of Minnesota students, the dedication of our teachers, and the world-class quality of our education system."


What Education Commissioner Brenda Cassellius is saying:


"Minnesota students understand the importance of the ACT and are motivated to score well. They know what score they need to get into their desired post-secondary institution. That is why we have been top of the nation for almost a decade. By moving to a testing system where every student takes the ACT, we will break down barriers of access and ensure every child leaves high school with a score they can use for acceptance and placement at a post-secondary institution."


What Higher Education Commissioner Larry Pogemiller is saying:


"Just as important as getting Minnesota students to enroll in a postsecondary institution, is moving them to completion. Having all high school students take the ACT will help them understand how well they are prepared for a postsecondary education that fits their needs and interests."



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