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Fisher ISD#600 School Board Meeting (05-26)

Fisher ISD#600 School Board Meeting
April 20, 2010

7:00 p.m.   
1.0 Call the Meeting to Order
1.1    School Board Members Roll
X  Lance Reitmeier (12) X  Kevin Lien (12) X  Todd Sorenson (12)
X Joel Altepeter (10) X  Sheila Beiswenger (10)  X   Mike Vasek (10)
1.2 Introduction of Visitors
Staff: Keith Dahlin, Tami Newhouse, Saraya Driscoll, Paul Stinar, Cristin Van Kirk, Shana VanderGrift,  Sandi Hlady, Jessica Genett, Peggy Hanson,
Visitors: Yvette Reyes, Courtney Moulds, Hope Dahlstrom, Becky Ness, Stephanie Ness, Grant Egeland, Carol Egeland, Michael Beiswenger, James Mix, Taylor Mix
1.3  Pledge of Allegiance
2.0    Motion by Mike Vasek to approve the agenda as amended to add 11.1 Insurance Pool Funds and 11.2 Summer   School Tours.
Seconded by Joe Altepeter, motion passed.
3.0   Motion by Mike Vasek to approve the minutes of the March 5 Regular Meeting and the Special Meeting of April 5 as Presented.   
Seconded by Todd Sorenson, motion passed.
4.0     Motion by Joe Altepeter to approve the payment of bills for the month of March in the amount of $105,701.41.  
Check #’s 43803 through 43913 Voids 43908.
Seconded by Lance Reitmeier, motion passed.
5.0     Motion by Lance Reitmeier to approve the following consent agenda items:
• The 2010-2011 School Calendar:
September 1, 2, 3 – Teacher Workshop    
September 6 – Labor Day    
September 7 – First Student Day
October 5 – Parent Teacher Conferences, 1:30-7:30
October 7 – Parent Teacher Conferences, 4:30-7:30
October 8 – No School
October 21 & 22 – MEA, No School
November 5 – End of 1st Quarter
November 25 & 26 – Thanksgiving, No School
December 23 to January 2 – No School, Winter Break
January 20 – End of 2nd Quarter
January 21 – Teacher Workshop, No School
February 21 – Presidents Day, No School
March 1 – Parent Teacher Conferences, 1:30-7:30
March 3 – Parent Teacher Conferences, 4:30-7:30
March 4 – No School
March 25- End of 3rd Quarter
April 22 to 25 – Spring Break, No School
May 26 – Last Student Day, Early Out
May 31 – Memorial Day
See enclosed Calendar
• The resignation of Mike Kasowski as Varsity Girls Basketball Coach.
• The resignation of Nancy Jenson as a special education paraprofessional.
• To authorize an Employment Agreement with Jenna Gust.
• To designate the January 25 storm day as a non-student day and February 15 as a student day.
See enclosed Calendar
• To approve the Memorandum of Understanding with David Vik.
• To Authorize an Employment Agreement with Carol Tinkham as Head Girls Basketball Coach Seconded by Mike Vasek, motion passed.
6.0      Information was presented about the Federal Stimulus Dollars and the 2010-2011 Budget.  
7.0    Motion by Todd Sorenson to authorize signatures for Sparsely Populated Agricultural Education Class with the      University of Minnesota Crookston.
Seconded by Lance Reitmeier , motion passed.
 8.0      Program Reduction Resolution
This item were not acted on at this meeting     
9.0 Resolution Proposing to Place on Unrequested Leave
This item were not acted on at this meeting     
10.0  Motion by Joe Altepeter to approve a contract with FLRSANDERS, INC to refinish the gym floor for $1,674.00.
Seconded by Kevin Lien, motion passed.
12.0  Athletic Director Report: Mr. Paul Stiner
Mr. Stiner thanked Climax for hosting the Basketball Banquets this Spring.  Numbers for the Spring sports are strong.  35 Track, 26 Golf, 3 Baseball (Crookston).   Next Sports Meeting will be June 7th 8pm.
13.0   District Coordinator’s Report: Mrs. Tami Newhouse
Report included an update on MWEA Testing April 26-May5; History Day 6th grade GATE students from the 6th grade will attend History Day Competition May 1st in the Twin Cities; Thank you to all businesses that donated Shrine Circus tickets for our students.
The next regularly scheduled meeting will be May 18, 2010 at 7:00 pm    
Chairman Lien adjourned the meeting @ 7:45pm
(May 26, 2010)

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