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KITTSON COUNTY BOARD PROCEEDINGS                   October 26 2011



         A Special Meeting was held on Wednesday, October 26, 2011, at 4:30 PM by the Kittson County Board of Commissioners in the Kittson County Courthouse for the purpose of discussing issues and concerns with the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources.  The following individuals were in attendance:  Kittson County Commissioners Joe Bouvette, Leon Olson, John Anderson, Craig Spilde and Betty Younggren; Kittson County Engineer Kelly Bengtson and Auditor/Treasurer Marilyn Gustafson and  Local County residents Joe and Peggy Wilebski and William Dykhuis; Roseau County Commissioners Glenda Phillipe, Russell Walker, Roger Falk and Mark Foldesi; Roseau River Watershed Board Member Todd Miller; Roseau County Environmental Officer and Acting County Coordinator Jeff Pelowski; Marshall County Commissioners Gary Kiesow and Kenneth Borowicz;  DNR Commissioner Tom Laudwehr, DNR Public Information Officer Kristi Coughlon,  DNR Regional Director Lori Dowling, DNR Regional Wildlife Manager Paul Telander and  Former Senator Bob Lessard who is now a Special Assistant to the Commissioner;  Representative Dan Fabian; North Star News reporter Dan Nordine and Grand Forks Herald reporter Brad Dokken.

         Commissioner Bouvette called the meeting to order and welcomed everyone to Kittson County.

         The following list of items was presented from the Kittson County Board of Commissioners for discussion: Lateral 12 Repair Agreement, culvert crossings along State Ditch 85 for fire protection access and snowmobile access, bike path on the east side of Lake Bronson State Park, ATV Trail, sale of State Land, barricade and gate removal and nuisance beaver.

         After a lengthy discussion everyone agreed on the need for working toward developing better communications and establishing trust among DNR,

KITTSON COUNTY BOARD PROCEEDINGS                   October 26 2011



local government and residents.  Everyone also felt that holding this meeting was a step in the right direction. County officials expressed their appreciation to the Commissioner for meeting with them to help bridge the gap and start the healing process that has been long overdue.

         At 6:45 PM the meeting was adjourned to Tuesday, November 1, 2011

at 9:00 A.M.







                  Marilyn Gustafson, Kittson County Auditor/Treasurer

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