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Polk County Highway Dept Bid Notice (0501)

County Highway Project
Bids Close Monday, May 06,2013
Polk County, Minnesota

NOTlCE TO CONTRACTORS – Sealed proposals will be RECElVED until 2:00 PM on Monday, May 06, :2013, by Michene Cote,
Director of Property Records of Polk County at Crookston, Mil1nesota, on behalf of the Board of County Commissioners of Polk County fot the construction oftbe County Projects listed below. Proposals will be OPENED and READ pUblicly at 2:00 PM Monday, May 06, 2013, by the Board of County Commissioners at tlte County Government Center in Crookston, Minnesota.
Proposals received after 2:00 PM will not be considered.

C.P. 113-38-1160 Stabilized Aggregate Base

The major items of work are: 13,600 Tons Aggregate Base Class 1 Mod.
Proposals, Plans and Specifications are available at: Polk County Highway Departme’nt, 820 Old Highway 75 Sotlth, Crookston,
MN 56716. Cost: Delivered – $13.89 (non-refundable incl. t8:l), Counter – $10.69
Only Checks, ])rafts, or Money Orders will be llccepted and shoul1d be made payable to the Polk County Highway Department.
These costs arc non-refundable.
Bids must be accompanied by a certified check or a corporate surety bond in favor of the County Treasurer of Polk County for at least 5 percent of the amount of the proposal.
The County reserves the right to reject amy or all bids and to waive any irregularities thereof.

Michelle Cote
Director of Property Records

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