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Notice/Deerwood Twp (0423)

Deerwood Township
Deerwood Township Roads

    Due to the high cost of maintaining roads, we as a town board are askling ALL residences to aware of any roads being abused in Deerwood Township.
    It is against the law to abuse or damage any township road, whether it is done with ATV, car, pickup or truck. It is not only a cost issue but a SAFETY issue, for people traveling on these roads. Any abuse should be reported directly to the Kittson County Sheriff’s Office.
    All township roads have a mandatory 5 ton per axle limit. Township roads need not be posted. When weight limits go on this spring, the 5 ton limit WILL be inforced by the Kittson County Sheriff’s Department.
    Remember these are your roads and your taxes pay to maintain these roads. We are trying to keep costs down so we can offer other benefits to our residences.

    Garbage Pickup in  Township

    As of now there is a garbage pickup available in the township. The containers are located at the town hall. Please keep the area around the containers neat and clean. Also make sure that all garbage is placed inside the containers, to keep wild animals from getting into garbage.
    These dumpsters are for residences only: The area will be under video surveillance. Violaters will be prosecuted with a
possible fine of $300.
    Items that cannot be placed into containers: Steel, aluminum, appliances, building remnants, Hazmat chemicals, yard debris, tires, liquids, batteries, waste oil & filters and electrical components.

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