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Davis Township Ordinance No. 101 Road restoration ordinance (0910)

Davis Township Ordinance No. 101
Road restoration ordinance

    The Board of Supervisors of Davis Township, Kittson County, Minnesota do hereby ordain:
    Definitions: In this Ordinance,
    “Anyone” means any person, partnership, unit of government, public utility, or corporation, including their agents, employees or contractors.
    “Work” means cutting, raising, lowering, redirecting, or altering, whether permanently or temporarily, a Davis Township road, and specifically including said activities on the road bed, road shoulders, road ditch, or any other party of the road right of way.
    A. Anyone whose acts cause a township road to sustain damage beyond original condition for public travel shall cause said damaged road to be fully repaired and put back into its original condition within five (5) working days from the first day of damage. All  repairs must be approved by the Township Board of Supervisors before being accepted and becoming final.
    B. Beginning on the sixth working day following the first day of damage, anyone failing to promptly repair a damaged township road shall be liable to the township for an out-of-service fee of $500.00 per day for each and every day thereafter until the road is required and the repair is accepted by the Township Board of Supervisors.
    C. Anyone wishing to work within a township road right-of-way must first provide to the township notice of intent to conduct work together with documentation as to the condition of the township  road at the site of the contemplated work. Anyone failing to provide documentation of the condition of the road prior to beginning work shall be obligated (upon completion of the work) to repair the road so that it meets either specifications approved by the Board of Supervisors, or it meets the most current minimum MN DOT Geometric Design Standards For Rural and Suburban Undivided New Or Reconstruction Projects for roads having an ADT of less than fifty (50) vehicles per day.
    Adopted this 30th day of July, 2014.
    /S/ Tom Dowdle, Township Secretary

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