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Fingers found In The Red River State Recreational Area Identified


The East Grand Forks Police have received DNA results from the MN Bureau of Criminal Apprehension forensic science laboratory in reference to the human fingers that were discovered in the Red River State recreational area on 5/26/2016. DNA results indicate that the fingers match DNA taken from a 23 year old male. The 23 year male was involved in an incident involving a exploding firework. The man was injured when a firework went off in his hand early on 4/30/16 in which he received significant injury to his left hand. The man was trying to light a fuse to set off about a 2-inch mortar round, he held onto the tube and the round severely injuring his hand. The responding officer applied a tourniquet before the man was taken to Altru Hospital. Because it was a medical call, police did not release the man’s name. It is unknown how the fingers ended up in the State Recreational area.

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