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Gators take a trip across the pond


Current and former Gator students pose for a photo in the town square of Heidelberg, Germany, during their European trip, July 25-August 3. Front row (L-R): Trever Robinson, Emily Wicklund, and Josee Locken. Back: Colton Penas, Ben Lieberg, Amy Svir, Danielle Hoyer, and Madison Wagner. (photo by Sue Lieberg)



This snapshot was captured on a cogwheel train ride up to Mount Pilatus in the Alps of Switzerland. (photo by Sue Lieberg)


If someone told you that he or she saw a cow up close, what would you say or do? A person living around northwest Minnesota may dismiss the comment, seeing cows on farms or at the county fairs up close quite often. Now, how about if someone told you they saw a bunch of cows with old bells around their necks, while riding down a mountain? That would be whole different story, right? 

Eight current or former Badger/Greenbush-Middle River Gator students, Amy Svir, Ben Lieberg, Colton Penas, Trever Robinson, Madison Wagner, Danielle Hoyer, Emily Wicklund, and Josee Locken had such an experience riding down an alpine slide on Mount Pilatus, in the Alps of Switzerland. They not only had this experience, but also other enjoyable, memorable and breathtaking sites and activities like it during a 10-day trip to Europe, covering Germany, Austria, Liechtenstein, Switzerland, France, and England, on July 25 to August 3 that for them provided a lifetime of memories.  

The idea to give GMR students this European travelling opportunity started when four 2014 GMR graduate girls requested a European trip, going on it following their graduation. A chaperone on that first trip, GMR teacher Sue Lieberg decided to offer this trip to students for the second time, noticing how much the girls enjoyed it.

“It went so well. We just thought this would be a good thing to offer up to our Gators again… (I’m) happy to provide another travel opportunity for our students,” Lieberg said.     

To see more on these students’ trip across the pond, read the August 24 edition of The Tribune in print or online. Watch for part two of the story in an upcoming edition.

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