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Sunshine Terrace Apartments Re-roof


Contractor’s sealed proposals for the construction of Sunshine Terrace Apartments Reroof will be received by Owner in accordance with the plans and specifications prepared by:

ARCHITECT Widseth Smith Nolting 2850 24th Avenue South, Suite 201 Grand Forks, ND 58208 BID DATE INFORMATION: 09-20-2016 Bid Time: 2:00 PM Location: East Grand Forks City Hall – Main Office Attn: Nancy Ellis, City Planner 600 Demers Avenue, East Grand Forks, MN 56721 at which time they will be publicly opened and read aloud for the construction of the above named project. Envelopes containing bids must be sealed, clearly marked on the lower left-hand corner “Bid Enclosed for Sunshine Terrace Apartments Reroof” and with the name and address of the bidder and the date and hour of the opening. Bids will be received for the following Prevailing Wage project: The complete replacement of the existing asphalt shingled roof. Work includes tear-off, new underlayment, asphalt shingles, and associated flashings. Each bid must be accompanied with a cashier’s check, bid bond, U.S. Government Bonds (at par value) or certified check equal to five percent (5%) of the amount of the proposal. Security is payable to the Owner as a guarantee of prompt execution of the contract in accordance with the proposal and Contract documents, along with furnishing Payment and Performance Bonds of One Hundred percent (100%) of the bid amount acceptable to the Owner. Bids received after the deadline will be returned unopened. Bids are to be submitted on the Bid Form provided in the project manual. Bids not received on the Bid Form will be cause for rejection. Bid Security shall be enclosed with Bid Form. Complete digital project bidding documents are available at by clicking on Bidding Documents in the lower right hand corner or at by inputting Quest project # 4652333 on the website’s Project Search page. Please contact at (952) 233-1632 or for assistance in free membership registration, downloading and working with this digital project information. You may download the digital plan documents electronically for $10. An optional paper set of project documents is also available from Cadd/Engineering Supply (CES) 1701 James Circle N., Brooklyn Center, MN 55430. Please contact CES’s Repro Dept at (763) 560-9098 or (800) 831-8587 for pricing and if you have any questions. The successful bidder must be a “responsible contractor.” The term “responsible contractor” means a contractor as defined in Minnesota Statutes Section 16C.285, subdivision 3. Any prime contractor, subcontractor, or motor carrier that does not meet the minimum criteria or fails to comply with the verification requirements is not a responsible contractor and is not eligible to be awarded a construction contract for the project or to perform work on the project. A prime contractor, subcontractor, or motor carrier that makes a false statement under oath verifying compliance with the minimum criteria will be ineligible to be awarded a construction contract on the project and the submission of a false statement may result in termination of a contract awarded to a prime contractor, subcontractor, or motor carrier that submits the false statement. A prime contractor shall include in its verification of compliance a list of all of its first-tier subcontractors that it intends to retain for work on the project. Before execution of a construction contract, a prime contractor shall submit a supplemental verification under oath confirming that all subcontractors and motor carriers that the prime contractor intends to use to perform project work have verified to the prime contractor, through a signed statement under oath by an owner or officer, that they meet the minimum criteria for a responsible contractor. Bids may not be withdrawn within forty-five (45) days after the scheduled closing time for receiving bids without consent of the Owner. The Owner reserves the right to reject any or all bids and to waive any irregularities in bids or bidding not in the best interest of the Owner. By: Nancy Ellis, City Planner City of East Grand Forks

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