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“We want to help”


The food shelf in Lake Bronson is called the “Care and Share Pantry.” Director Judy Moss says, “The message is: we want to help.” The pantry provides food through the food shelf, as well as other items a family might need. She adds that it’s not a hand-out, it’s “a step up.”

As part of “Hunger Action Month,” the Care and Share Pantry is bringing awareness to the need for food and monetary donations.

Often monetary donations are a good choice, as the Pantry can buy food through the North Country Food Bank in Crookston, getting “much more bang for their buck.”

The Pantry can even order specialty items for those with health conditions, such as low-sodium or items for diabetics. The Pantry also gives vouchers for eggs, milk, butter, and bread.

At times, supplies run low. For example, the Pantry hasn’t been able to buy laundry soap from the food bank in Crookston, as it costs too much. The Pantry also recently had the opportunity to purchase 300 lbs. of food for $250, but had to pass it up, as they didn’t have the funds.

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