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Badger school board approves preliminary levy


At its September 12 meeting, the Badger school board certified the preliminary 2016 payable 2017 levy at the maximum amount, as recommended by Badger Superintendent Tom Jerome. The Badger Board made this decision after reviewing its Minnesota Department of Education (MDE) levy limitation and certification report. 

This preliminary report shows an “insignificant”, according to Jerome, decrease from last year (2015 payable 2016) to this year (2016 payable 2017), in terms of the district’s levy limitations. Specifically, the district’s levy limitation in the 2015-16 year totaled $292,771.49 and this 2016-17 school year totals $282,960.35, a 3.35 percent decrease. 

As Jerome stated, these levy totals are based on student enrollment, district property values, and particular educational programs that are financed all or in part by levies. As of September 9, 2016, the Badger School District has 255 students, the same total on the same date last year. 

This levy represents one of the few that the board has the ability to approve on its own, without voter approval. The district hasn’t certified an official maximum levy amount yet, as the state will run the numbers again and could adjust them before the board’s December board meeting, at which time the board will certify the maximum amount.

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