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GMR School addresses Park Ave drainage issue


Based on board approval, the Greenbush-Middle River School District went forward on a project to attempt to resolve the drainage problem along Park Ave properties on the west edge of the Greenbush site property.  

Discovering damaged drain tile in the area impacted by the drainage issue, Spruce Valley Corporation went forward with the work. This project included replacing the four-inch intake pipe with six-inch intake PVC pipe, running it 350 feet south, from the installed drain inlet in the ponded area to the existing outlet location—to the river. 

Spruce Valley also installed “clean outs” to remove or flush out any obstruction interfering with the flow of water and also a grate. Superintendent Jerome didn’t like the grate, finding it vulnerable to being covered, by leaves for example, and not allowing the water to flow. Jerome ordered a new grate with wider openings, and said, with his new order, the project cost a little over $9000. He added that reseeding and landscaping would take place. 

As Jerome stated, success of this project should be defined as the amount of standing water moving out, not the amount getting out of someone’s basement. Spruce Valley Corporation Superintendent Eric Olson believes this project will resolve the standing water issue. As board member Nelson mentioned, this impact wouldn’t be seen until next year in the spring when the snow melts. 

At previous board meetings, Park Ave resident Garry Gambill spoke at listening sessions and mentioned the collection of water in his basement. Olson doesn’t believe, Jerome said, that the district is going to be able to do anything about water getting into basements, due to the water table being so high in the area.  

A resident impacted by the damaged drain tile and standing water, Gambill spoke on behalf of some other neighbors also impacted by the issue at this September meeting. He said a couple neighbors relayed to him that they thought an eight-inch versus a six-inch pipe would work better. 

He also suggested himself that the district grate the ground to assist with water flow, still seeing some low spots. He was wondering if the district was doing this?  During his time speaking, he also expressed his appreciation on behalf of other neighbors for moving forward with the project.

“We would like to thank you for the beginning, the installation of the drain pipe,” Gambill said.

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