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Chromebook’s add to GMR learning experience


Greenbush-Middle River High School teacher Mara Gust had already twice applied for a grant through Education Minnesota related to getting to technology into her classroom, but to no avail. The third time proved the charm. Education Minnesota awarded her a $3000 grant, allowing her to purchase 17 Chromebooks that her Spanish Two students started using at the beginning of the school year.

“When I found out I got the grant I almost cried because I was so excited,” Gust said, hearing the news on the last day of school this past spring.

After receiving the grant funding in July, Gust received the Chromebooks, a type of laptop, in the beginning of August. Her Spanish Two students started using these devices on the first day of school.

Having this technology provides opportunities not only in the classroom, but also beyond. As GMR Spanish Two student Isabella Brockhouse mentioned, most resources today are online and having a Chromebook makes it easier to access these resources. When expressing her excitement over earning the grant, Gust expressed the importance of having technology, personally loving it, in the classroom, and believed people need to know how to use technology to be productive. 

“I think it is a way to increase student engagement in the classroom, and I also think it’s a necessary skill for all students to master today,” Gust said. “No matter what job they have or what they do after high school, they will need to use technology in it.”  

To see more of this story, read the September 28 edition of The Tribune in print or online.

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