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Noell opens pet grooming business

Chrissy Noell is pictured with her client, "Penny", an Irish setter/retriever mix owned by Tara McCourt. (submitted photo)

Chrissy Noell is pictured with her client, “Penny”, an Irish setter/retriever mix owned by Tara McCourt. (submitted photo)

When Chrissy Noell of Badger found herself unemployed she said her thoughts brought her to wondering what could she do for herself and be of a service to others?

About four years ago she apprenticed in dog grooming training at the former “Pampered Pets” in Warroad.  It was an experience she had greatly enjoyed, and so she decided to “put a feeler out” on Facebook asking for feedback on her thoughts about entering the grooming business.

“I knew there was a lot of other groomers out in the area, not ever thinking the response would turn out like it did.”

By June, it was like a spring rain cloud had opened overhead!

“It got so I couldn’t keep up doing both my housekeeping and dog grooming jobs. I was so busy this summer that I was working seven days a week, just taking time out to attend church services.

“Every day is such a blessing…now I get up in the morning and am excited to go to work.  I just love my job!”

With Noell and her peers in the professional grooming business becoming friends, they now exchange job referrals with one another.  She said that some will call her if they are overbooked or they will give out her name and phone number.  “And, there are some who are not taking on new clients – they will get in touch with me.  It’s such a humbling experience to be recognized by your peers and clients.”

As an example, no one is doing cat grooming right now so she gets a lot of referrals from other groomers for cats.  Her favorite right now is giving a cat the “lion cut”.  She said there is also a dinosaur cut that can be done but no one is really excited about that one – yet.

Chrissy is also undergoing training to become a certified pet stylist which is above and beyond the grooming and she is doing very well.

The grooming of dogs comes with many rewarding experiences.  “Some of them have been  heavily matted and haven’t felt the touch of any sensation on their skin, such as the touch of their owner(s),” she said.  “And to see the excitement of them … rolling around; seeing them ‘smile’.   And, the bonding and friendship I am making with the owners and pets is just priceless.”

She has a page on Facebook, “Chrissy Noell’s Pet Grooming” where clients submit photos and reviews on her work and people are encouraged to “like” her page; she can be called right off Facebook.

Her pet grooming business finds her traveling within a 200-mile radius of Badger.  Chrissy Noell may also be contacted by calling 1-218-242-2268.

To see more of this story, read the October 12 edition of The Tribune in print or online.

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