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ASEC Board of Directors’ Meeting Minutes – September 20, 2016

ASEC Board of Directors’ Meeting Minutes – September 20, 2016 Kolness called the regular meeting of the Board of Directors for the Area Special Education Cooperative to order at 9:30 a.m. at the Blue Moose Restaurant, East Grand Forks, MN. Board Members present were Brian Clarke, Evan Hanson, Jim Guetter, Randy Bruer, Chris Mills, Kevin Ricke, Rob Nudell, Mike Kolness, Shawn Yates and Lon Jorgensen. Bill Walters was absent. Gary Jones, Julie Aumock, JuddFredstrom and Becky Conati were also present. MONTHLY REPORTS: Motion by Jorgensen, seconded by Bruer to approve the August 16, 2016 board meeting minutes as presented. UC Motion by Bruer, seconded by Nudell to approve the agenda as presented. Motion by Nudell to approve the September 2016 bill run totaling $65,271.79 including check numbers 40952-41016, the Expenditure/Revenue Report ending August 31, 2016, and liquid asset fund transfers of$92,575.86 on August 15, 2016 and $213,197.15 on August 19, 2016. UC Jones mentioned that theaudit results had been received and wou ld be reviewed at the October board meeting along with the budget. CORRESPONDENCE/REPORTS & DISCUSSION ITEMS: Jones mentioned recent court case involving child find and special education due process. He mentionedthat it’s helpful to have an accurate attendee cou nt for CPI trainings because of supplies and instructors’schedules. Ricke co mplimented Jones on the training he did in Fosston amidst the building distractions. Jones also mentioned that the ASEC CPI instructors do not get additional stipends for training districtstaff, whereas most places do provide additional rei mbursement. Lastly, he said that if equipment is mentioned in a student’s IEP that depending on what it is, those costs can be reimbursed by ASEC. Aumock reviewed third party billing stating services covered and how reimbursements can be spent. Fredstrom reviewed a Minnesota Statute that had been recently amended summarizing that APRNs and PAs now join physicians in the capacity to provide written documentation of a student’s medically diagnosed chronic or acute health condition necessary to find a student eligible under Minnesota’s Other Health Disability criteria. Jones brought up rescheduling the administrators’ meeting and when asked, he said that items covered are legal updates, case management, sped web, etc. Guetter suggested to ask principals what they would liketo see covere d since school’s been in session for a few weeks.Mills reported that they are still in negotiations with the ASEC staff. ACTION ITEMS: Motion by Bruer, seconded by Mills to approve the 16-17 Spanish Language Interpreter contract for Geri Chapa. UC Motion by Jorgenson, seconded by Yates to approve the Somali Language Interpreter contract with Lul Haji-Mohamed. UC Motion by Nudell, seconded by Hanson toapprove the Physical an d Health Disabilities Consultant contract for Tricia Fore. UC Motion by Guetter, seconded by Ricke to approve the work agreement with Fire Audiology. UC Motion by Mills, seconded by Guetter to approve amended contract amount as presented for Lea Duckstad. UC The August meeting was scheduled for Tuesday, October 18th, 2016 at the Blue Moose Restaurant in EastGrand Forks. Motion by Ricke, seconded by Hanson to adjourn the meeting at 10:37 a.m. Rebecca L. Conati, Administrative Assistant Evan Hanson, Governing Board Clerk (November 2, 2016)

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