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Do acorns predict winter?


Folks around Kittson and Marshall County have been noticing a lack of acorns this fall. Normally acorns are plentiful at this time of year, littering yards beside the falling leaves, providing squirrels a chance to stock up for winter.

But this year, there are very few of these acorns. Some say it’s a sign of the winter ahead.

Randy Nelson, Extension Educator with the University of Minnesota Extension office in Moorhead, points to two possible causes of this acorn shortage. The first possibility could be the late frost this spring that hit parts of the state while many oaks were in flower, resulting in few to no acorns being produced. The second possible factor is that last year was “an excellent year for acorn production. Often time, the following year will yield fewer acorns.”

So are trees able to predict what kind of winter is coming?

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