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City council hears from MnDOT on overlay project


Road construction is coming to Karlstad this fall. Representatives from the Minnesota Dept. of Transportation (MnDOT) presented plans at the city council meeting on January 3 for a highway overlay project, set to begin in September 2017. The project will begin at the intersection of Highway 11 and Highway 59. Work on Highway 11 will continue west until city limits. Work on Highway 59 will continue south until Stassen Ave.

MnDOT estimated the project would take about one and a half to two months to complete.

The city council granted MnDOT a temporary easement, which allows them to use space on business or residential property for equipment or workspace along the project route. This easement lasts through 2018 in the event MnDOT has to return to fix any issues that arise in the first year after the project.

City residents on Nordine Street had requested a sidewalk be added to the project to join their street with the sidewalk that ends at Stassen Ave. MnDOT didn’t have specific numbers on the cost for installing the sidewalk, but would bring those to the council at a later time, when the council will decide whether or not to include the sidewalk in the project.

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