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Kennedy deals with frozen water tower and water main break

Water tower

Frigid temperatures for almost a week are likely the cause of a frozen water tower and a water main break in the City of Kennedy.

 Crews worked over the weekend and into Monday to repair the water main break, which happened on Fifth Street this past Saturday. Residents along that street were without water, but the repairs were expected to be completed Monday. Kennedy Mayor Todd Truedson said a water main break is a little more typical, as the city deals with an average of one every winter. 

As to the water tower issue, it was discovered shortly after midnight, early Friday morning, by Truedson, who noticed he didn’t have water. He called in the city’s maintenance technician and they began looking into the issue.

After trouble-shooting for several hours, they determined the problem was not frozen pipes, but instead that the reservoir at the top of the water tower had ice in it. At that point, they opted to bypass the water tower and get water directly from the city’s source of North Kittson Rural Water.

A company was brought in later to try to de-ice the water tower, the stand pipe was found to have frozen and developed a crack.

For more on these developments, see this week’s edition of the North Star News!

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