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Life-like pets take up residence at LifeCare Greenbush Manor

This “pup” brings delight and companionship for many of the Greenbush Manor residents.

Agnes Paulsen and one of the Manor’s “cats” share some together time.

When LifeCare Greenbush Manor  Activities Director Stacy Hahn heard about the Hasbro dogs for ages 5-105, she decided to check it out.  Sure enough, Hasbro not only manufactures dogs but cats as well.  They are known as Hasbro’s Joy for All™ Companion Pets.

From what started out with getting one of each pet at the Manor has now expanded to four pups and four cats!   No foolin’…one has to see it to believe it!  These life-like “pets” are amazingly the closest to the next best thing!

As Stacy said, “Animals and kids bring out the best in people.”

Both of Hasbro’s pets are powered by four C-size alkaline batteries along with an  on/mute/off switch concealed behind the battery door on their undersides.

Features include the location of various sensors such as in the cheeks, back, back of the head, along with a microphone.  

One resident, with a cat in her arms, had commented, “She’s the perfect cat – yes, sir –  she’s the perfect cat.  So pretty and sweet; it does everything but go to the bathroom!”

Hahn commented, “Two families have asked that we order a pet for their family member,  that of a dog and a cat.  Because the residents just kind ‘take them over’ it will be nice for them to have their very own (pet).”

Caring for these animals require minimal care.  Gently brush them with a soft brush and wipe off dirt immediately.  To remove stains, wipe with a damp cloth.

Like Hasbro says:  “Why should kids have all the fun?”

To see the complete story, read the February 22 issue of The Tribune.

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