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KITTSON COUNTY HIGHWAY DEPARTMENT S.A.P. 035-600-002 Bids Close April 5, 2017, 1:00 P.M. Hallock, Minnesota 56728 NOTICE TO CONTRACTORS Sealed bids will be received by the Board of Commissioners, Kittson County at the office of the County Administrator, Hallock, Minnesota until 1:00 P.M. on April 5, 2017 for the purpose of letting the contract for the following project: S.A.P. 035-600-002: Construction Plan for Grading, Aggregate Base and Bituminous Paving. Location: Gilbert Olsen Park Road in the City of Hallock. Jct. of 7th Street South to the Jct. of the Two Rivers Public Water Boat Ramp Approximate Major Quantities of Work are: Quantity Unit Item 1. LUMP SUM MOBILIZATION 1. LUMP SUM MAINT. & RESTORATION OF HAUL ROADS 234. L.F. REMOVE CONCRETE CURB 2,272. CU. YD. COMMON EXCAVATION 4,939. SQ. YD. GEOTEXTILE FABRIC, TYPE V 6. HOUR 1 CU. YD. SHOVEL 6. HOUR DOZER 1,647. CU. YD. AGGREGATE BASE (CV) CLASS 5 (MODIFIED) 558. TON TYPE SP 12.5 WEARING COURSE MIXTURE (2, B) 558. TON TYPE SP 12.5 NON-WEARING COURSE MIXTURE (2, B) 650. LIN. FT. SILT FENCE, TYPE MS 60. LIN. FT. SEDIMENT CONTROL LOG, TYPE STRAW 148. CU. YD. COMMON TOPSOIL BORROW 1. LUMP SUM TURF ESTABLISHMENT Item Counter Price Delivered Price Proposal Only (Per Copy) $10.00 $15.00 11” x 17” Plan & Proposal $35.00 $45.00 Price includes tax. No refunds will be made. Proposal forms with specifications may be obtained at the office of the County Engineer, 401 2nd Street SW, Hallock, MN 56728, (218)843-2686. Each bid must be accompanied by a certified check or bidder’s bond made payable to the County Administrator, Kittson County, Minnesota in the sum of not less than five (5%) percent of the amount bid. The County Board reserves the right to reject any or all bids and to waive any informality therein and to accept the bid deemed most advantageous to the County. Dated this 27th day of March, 2017, Hallock, Minnesota. _______________________________________ ___ Eric Christensen, Kittson County Administrator 17 18 19

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