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Wild Kratts Mission Complete

Fisher School elementary students & families recently had the opportunity to participate in an exciting event full of fun, learning and celebrating! The goals of the Wild Kratts Family Learning Event, sponsored by Fisher School’s Partners In Education Organization, were to engage parents in their children’s learning, promote STEAM learning in the school and community, to distribute high-quality research-based learning materials for at-home learning, and to build a school-community connection through a fun, positive event. The Wild Kratts Family Learning Event was made possible through a grant from Prairie Public Educational Services.

Families enjoyed a meal before initiating their “Wild Kratts Mission” for the evening. The “Mission” included completing seven STEAM – focused learning stations dealing with math operations, measurement, geometry, science, art, non-fiction writing and mobile PBS apps for families to use in supporting their children’s learning at home. The children filled their “Habitat Passports” with stickers as they completed each learning station and were rewarded with a prize and a free book to take home at the completion of their mission. Participants also had a chance to dress like Wild Kratts characters and captured fun family photos in the Wild Kratts photo booth – creating memories of the event.

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