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TriCounty School considers dropping track

At last week’s regular meeting, Superintendent Sorgaard presented options to the school board on cost-saving possibilities for the upcoming school year. Among the options: cutting track.

Currently Tri-County is in a three-way agreement with Marshall County Central and Badger Greenbush Middle River, which means each school pays a third of the costs. But this year, only two Tri-County students are showing interest in track, which comes at a $9,000 price tag to the school.

Once the number of interested students has been solidified, Sorgaard plans to meet with MCC and BGMR in hopes of working out an agreement to pay on a per student basis instead of the three way split. BGMR has also been looking at numbers and costs, as their participation numbers have not been high either, making the future co-op with them uncertain.

If a per student agreement cannot be made, Sorgaard would recommend dropping track.

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