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Sheriff’s Dept. taking a fresh look at Dawn Carlson case

Over three years and half years have passed since Dawn Carlson went missing on October 2, 2013, leaving her dogs and personals behind at her home a few miles northwest of Lake Bronson. The case is still open and remains a mystery. Not having any new leads, the Kittson County Sheriff’s Department is now going through everything in Dawn’s case fresh. 

The department is going to be re-interviewing all those in the case file and searching different bodies of water within the county, and if necessary outside it, using some recently purchased 3D-imaging depth finding equipment, allowing the department to see vehicles or other objects underwater. Deputy Sheriff Mark Wilwant will be physically conducting these water searches and Kittson County Sheriff Steve Porter will be coordinating them. 

Last Monday, April 10, Porter reported that the Kittson County Sheriff’s Department was driving from the area where Carlson was last seen on that Wednesday, October 2, an aunt’s home in Karlstad, to Badger, where she had an appointment later that afternoon. They don’t know if she ever left for that appointment, but still traveled the route. Also on last Monday, they visited Roseau to talk with the Bureau of Criminal Apprehension (BCA) to compare notes. 

“We just want to make sure we do a good, thorough job,” Sheriff Porter said.

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