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Area youth enjoy another spring option

Gator Clay Buster Anissah Novacek focuses in as she takes aim at her target during rounds at the Greenbush Trap Club on April 9. This year, the Freeze has 15 sixth to twelfth grade Marshall County Central students involved and the Gator team has 46 seventh to twelfth grade students involved, including from Badger/Greenbush-Middle River and Karlstad. (photos by Ryan Bergeron)

Gator Clay Buster Derrick Corneliusen takes aim at his clay target during a practice week round on April 9 at the Greenbush Trap Club, located just north of the Greenbush Race Park. Both entering their fifth year, the Freeze and Gator trap teams opened another season beginning the week of April 2.

In the spring, some enjoy to smack a baseball or softball to the fence and others like to run, jump, or throw field objects, or drive a golf ball down the greens. For those students involved and not involved in such sporting activities, they also have another spring sporting option to enjoy–taking aim and shooting their rifles at clay pigeons. 

Both entering their fifth years, the Freeze and Gator trap teams opened another season beginning the week of April 2 with its first practice week. After another practice week and a reserve week, teams began with their official competition action this week. The teams have five competition weeks, with the final falling on the week of May 21. 

For Freeze Head Coach Cory Gustafson, he leads a group of 15 sixth to twelfth grade Marshall County students. Badger/Greenbush-Middle River Gator Head Coach Luke Novacek leads 46 seventh to twelfth grade students, including three from Karlstad. These coaches don’t lead these teams alone. Dylan Gustafson and Scott Horien assist the Freeze team, and Josh Kern, Tara Kern, Shelly Kern, Larry Kern, Simon Kern, Bryce Evans, Robert Truscinski, Rodney Truscinski, and Earl Wiskow assist the Gator team. 

To see the full story, read the April 26 issue of The Tribune or the April 27 issue of North Star News in print or online. 

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