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Funding available for homes in Karlstad and Kennedy

At the regular meeting on May 1, the Karlstad City Council heard from Irene Wynne, of Wynne Consulting Inc., who discussed the small city grant between the cities of Karlstad and Kennedy. The small city grant offers funds focused on rehabilitating owner-occupied houses in these communities. Target areas were selected in both Karlstad and Kennedy, because of the most interest shown. Wynne stated that target areas are necessary to show point of impact.

“This grant is really competitive to get,” Wynne says, “The City of Karlstad and the City of Kennedy want to pick 22 units between them and right now there are only four unit spaces left to select.”

Those eligible for selection must live in their home, be within the specific target area selected, and meet HUD Section A income requirements. People interested should call the city offices and talk to the city clerk or call Irene Wynne. Wynne was more than willing to give her contact information out because she wants to reach the goal of 22 units by the end of July. “We want to have all of the contracts signed and the first nails being hammered in by the end of July.” Wynne says. “This project needs to be completed by the end of this year.”

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