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Lions benefit for Ricky Lorenson set for Sunday, June 4, at Greenbush Community Center

Ricky and Vandra Lorenson (photo by Mavis Gonshorowski)

His life took an unexpected turn in April of 2015.

“I was having lower (back) pain in the area of my waistline,” said 59-year-old Ricky Lorenson of Greenbush.  “I went to a chiropractor for treatments and would take a couple of tylenol at noon and that seemed to help,” Ricky Lorenson of Greenbush said.  

His wife, Vandra, stated she told him he should go to a (medical) doctor.

“I figured it was just the physical work I was doing every day,” he said.

Thursday came and when it was time for Rick to leave for work he said he could hardly walk.  He asked for and was granted the next day off as well.

Over the weekend, the couple attended a birthday party in Thief River Falls.  It was not a good day.  He said he felt very miserable the entire time.

 “Come Monday, Ricky still couldn’t go to work.  I said that’s enough!” Vandra commented.

To which he offered, “I knew I had a hernia (lower torso) but I had always been able to address the situation.  It was now at the point where I couldn’t anymore.”

After consulting with medical personnel, it was thought there was a possibility the hernia may be causing blockage.  Ricky was admitted to the hospital for surgery to take place the next morning. Prior to taking him into surgery, scanning was done to see if there was any blockage.

It was found that the hernia was like a finger that was starting to partially block off the intestine.

Rick continued, “I said to check my prostrate at the same time; I was urinating quite often (during the night), yet at work hardly at all.

“The doctor came with the results before surgery, saying that the scan showed that I had spots (lesions) from head to toe, and I was moved up to be the first on the day’s surgical list.  The doctor then told me, ‘Mr. Lorenson, you have cancer’ … that’s just what he told me, ‘Mr. Lorenson, you have cancer’.”

On Sunday, June 4, a benefit will be held for Ricky Lorenson at the Greenbush Community center from 9:30 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.  Sponsored by the Greenbush-Badger Lions club, a delicious breakfast of ham, pancakes with toppings of syrup, strawberries, and/or ice cream, coffee and juice will be served.  Free will offering. 

To see the full story, read the May 31 issue of The Tribune in print or online.

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