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Glimm selected for music video

Zoey Glimm fell into acting with the hit band Tigirlily’s newest music video “Fall” for their album Wild Creatures. Glimm is a recent high school graduate in East Grand Forks who works as a model. Her grandparents, Nathan and Kathy Britten, live in Karlstad and are immensely proud of Glimm’s achievements through modeling clothes and acting in a music video.

Tigirlily, a country-pop-folk mix genre, contacted Glimm through her social media Instagram site. Glimm says that she’s gotten all of her gigs through her social media, Facebook and Instagram, and has rarely had to apply for anything. When the sister-singer-songwriter duo, Kendra and Krista Slaubaugh, asked Glimm to play the lead in the music video Fall Glimm eagerly accepted the new experience.

This is Glimm’s first time acting; although she did do plays as a kid once in a while “but nothing like this!” Glimm says. Glimm woke up bright and early on a cold Friday morning at her hotel room. She fixed her hair and applied her makeup and then drove out to a lookout point at a state park near Bismarck, ND. “It was so cold!” Glimm says, laughing “We nearly froze!” But the video portrayed anything but a cold romance: the music video starts off with Glimm and Dooley dancing and then Glimm “falls” from his arms. A firestorm of hurt is conveyed through the screen as the girl [Glimm] breaks a vinyl record against her knee and sets fire to a box of her ex-boyfriend’s stuff.

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