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Sincerely Yours, Sweets and More opens for business

There’s a new sweet shop in town, and its name is Sincerely Yours, Sweets and More. Beth Delgado is the owner, and the shop opened up in downtown East Grand Forks last Tuesday, May 30.

The sweet shop offers a variety of delicious sweets and goodies, including candy confections, baked goods, candy bouquets, gift baskets, and handmake gift items. Delgado hopes to start selling candy or caramel apples in the near future, and may eventually add fruit baskets to her list of offerings.

Delgado got into the art of making confections in 1995, when her and her husband first bought their home. She said that growing up, they didn’t have any traditions, and so she wanted to start some with her children.

She tried baking, but it didn’t go well to start. So, she began on confections, which became her thing. She began giving away the treats and goodies she made to friends and family, and enjoyed how happy it made them.

Before beginning the shop, she worked a professional job where she was able to make use of her accounting degree for 7 years. A few months before quitting that job, she felt pulled towards customer service and told her boss, who was very supportive of her.

She eventually came to a spot where she decided she wanted to sell her sweets, and the location for her shop came about through a bit of happenstance. Delgado lives in Grand Forks, but as she was driving by what is now her shop location, she saw a sign that said “Space for Lease”. She called the landlord, who thought the space would be a great fit for her, and soon after, she was able to start creating her shop.

Delgado is happy she will be able to use her education for the business side of keeping up the shop, but she is also very excited to be able to see familiar faces and meet plenty of new people as well. She wanted to create a place that would make people happy, and so she chose vibrant colors and designs for the shop. She also wants to stay as personable as possible, and so has no plans for expansion or relocation. She loves small businesses and wants to support them.

In addition to wanting to provide a happy place for people, she also wants to provide support for those with special needs. Delgado believes that every business can be instrumental in supporting a cause or organization through sales of a specific product or having a tip jar specifically for that cause. She herself has a tip jar from which 100% of proceeds go towards non-profits.

Delgado also tries to be mindful of those with food allergies in the way she creates her products. In making her sweets, she is sure to make everything without potential food allergens before she makes things with potential food allergens. While she recognizes that cross-contamination can occur with the ingredients before they make it to her, she does everything possible to eliminate cross-contamination in her own confections.

Just in case the sweets available weren’t enough, Delgado also has a little book nook and a small collection of board games and cards that are available for those who want to come in and hang out, or simply hide out for a bit. She wants it to be a place for people to come in and enjoy conversation and company with others.

“I just want it to be a happy place,” said Delgado. “Hopefully for the little bit of time people are here, they’ll be able to forget about the stresses in their life.”

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