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Principal Sharon Schultz looks forward to new and familiar opportunities

Sharon Schultz (right) hands out runner-up medals following the Gator baseball team’s Section 8A championship loss. As the GMR District’s new activities director, she looks forward to being even more a part of the Gator atmosphere.

For the last 19 years, Sharon Schultz has worked as the principal at the Middle River site in the Greenbush-Middle River (GMR) District. Beginning this school year, Schultz will continue on as principal with the same district and with many familiar faces, but now into a different office– in Greenbush– and will also start on as the district’s Activities Director. So, this school year will be one of new and familiar opportunities.

Teaching high school English for the Greenbush School District and the GMR School District for 12 years, from 1986 to 1998, Schultz now working within a high school environment is not a “completely new” task for her.  In that high school environment, she will also get to continue working with middle school and elementary students. 

Although being a principal and working in a high school setting are not new to Schultz, the position of Activities Director is. She is learning many details of the job, such as setting up an event space to the advisor’s or coach’s liking, and looks to ask the coaches and advisors many questions to ensure everything is done correctly and these coaches and advisors can focus on just their student participants. 

Besides just performing all the duties of this position, Schultz looks forward to becoming even more a part of the Gator atmosphere.

“I loved coaching volleyball,” Schultz said, “and so just being a part of those high school events, all the enthusiasm of the participants and the parents, that’ll be fun to go to those activities… (My role is) to be a big Gator fan in all activities.” 

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