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Karlstad native turns singer/songwriter

Photo courtesy of Jude Bass Photography

Marissa Steien is a local gal aiming for a global impact, which she knows can only be accomplished through God. Steien is a singer/songwriter, working on producing her own music. She is currently working on two songs that she hopes to get out soon: one during the summer and the second during the fall. “I’ve been working with a professional producer who is in the cities area; he’s been in the business for 30 years and has been extremely encouraging and helpful,” Steien says. “We’re working on my song ‘Hope’ right now, and after we’re done with that we’ll produce my other song ‘Courage.’ I want these singles to be life giving; truly authentic to how I am processing and how I talk to the Lord; something that will give joy and get somebody pumped up!”

Steien says that each song springs up as a ministry to her and to others. She gets her inspiration from God and from the difficulties that she faces in this life. “People can look at the struggles of life one of two ways,” Steien says. “As icky disgusting dirtiness, or as fertilizer for growth. I choose to look on everything I go through as a possibility for growth.”

Steien grew up in Karlstad and currently resides here. She moved back after graduating from college with a music degree and has been researching and song writing for a year so far. “Growing up, I was always in different plays and skits and musicals. There was this one time that sticks out, though,” Steien begins.

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