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GMR looks into preliminary operating levy options

To date, the Greenbush-Middle River School District is aware of 16 students, who attended school in the district last year, not attending GMR this fall, Superintendent Tom Jerome announced at the district’s school board meeting in Middle River on July 17.

“Sixteen students leaving right now will have an impact. Five students leaving has an impact,” Jerome said. 

This student decrease came up while discussing operating levy options. Jerome recommended to the board to run a levy this November and decide on an amount, one that it feels is “palatable” for district residents to support, at its next meeting. At this meeting, the board looked over and discussed operating levy options amounting to $300,000, $400,000, and $500,000.

“This hinges on enrollment and it hinges on our district’s need to continue to replace, repair, and take care of the buildings that we have to serve our student to the best of our abilities,” Jerome said.

As review, an operating levy impacts all district residents. It is a tax placed on one’s house, garage, and if one’s a farm landowner, one acre of agricultural land. These operating levies have no effect on seasonal recreational properties, such as cabins. If an operating levy were to pass, the currently running operating levy would be revoked and replaced with this new approved one.  

The GMR Superintendent sought out Ehlers and Associates to develop the three different operating levy scenarios for discussion purposes only. 

The annual tax impact or increase of each levy on a $100,000 homeowner is listed as follows. A $300,000 operating levy would increase one’s school taxes from $140 to $405– a $265 increase. A $400,000 operating levy would increase one’s school taxes from $140 to $492– a $352 increase. A $500,000 levy would increase one’s school taxes from $140 to $586– a $446 increase.

For complete tax impact numbers, visit the Greenbush-Middle River School site, and click on “Greenbush Middle River School Board Meeting Agenda and Approved Minutes” under “Site Shortcuts” located on the left side of the homepage. Next, click on the July 17, 2017 meeting, then Agenda Packet, and finally on the “Greenbush Middle River Operating Levy Options (For Discussion Purposes Only)” link under the agenda item “Operating Levy Discussion.” 

To see the complete story, read the July 19 issue of The Tribune in print or online.

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