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Greenbush Farmer’s Market opens for fifth season

Kathrine Howard sold soaps, teas, candles, and these jars of herbal infused honey, among other items, as an outside vendor at the Greenbush Farmer’s Market last week. She plans to sell items at the Farmer’s Market every other week in August. An organizer of the Greenbush Farmer’s Market, Mary Stauffenecker encourages more outside vendors to come.

William Howard holds up some baked good items featured during the first week of this year’s Greenbush Farmer’s Market on August 3. The Farmer’s Market is open from 4-6 pm every Thursday in August at the Greenbush Community Shelter along Main Street. (photos by Ryan Bergeron)

This bird figurine perched atop this potted plant is one of several unique items at the Greenbush Farmer’s Market, open from 4-6 pm every Thursday in August.

This rice krispie treat made in the likeness of watermelon slices was one of several baked goods provided during the first week of the fifth annual Greenbush Farmer’s Market, sponsored by Blessed Sacrament Church.

Sitting on one of the tables at the Greenbush Farmer’s Market sat watermelon slices, but not the watery, juicy kind one often eats at a Fourth of July picnic. No, these watermelon slices, forming a complete circle and small enough to fit on a paper plate fit for a piece of cake, were made of green and red rice krispies, topped with mini chocolate chips in place of the seeds. Don’t worry garden enthusiasts, the Farmer’s Market had plenty of fresh garden produce too.

On Thursday, August 3, the Greenbush Farmer’s Market opened for its fifth season at the Greenbush Community Shelter located across from the library on Main Street. It features many of the same items, such as baked goods, canned items, and garden produce, but also some new items, such as candles and soaps, from a vendor new to the Greenbush Farmer’s Market. 

Asked if the Farmer’s Market is featuring any changes this year compared to other years, Farmer’s Market organizer Mary Stauffenecker said no and added, “ ‘If it’s not broken, don fix it,’ they say.” 

Open every Thursday in August from 4-6 pm, the Farmer’s Market has a variety of garden produce, such as beets, cabbage heads, zucchinis, and cucumbers, fresh eggs from the Stanislawski Chicken Farms, baked goods, such as rice krispies, cakes, and cookies, some potted plants, and much more. The Farmer’s Market plans to also have root beer floats on August 17.  

“(It’s been) so successful, so fun, such a great opportunity to bring fresh baked goods to people and garden produce,” Stauffenecker said when asked why they brought it back. “I know myself, I don’t have a garden, so I like that part of it.” 

The Blessed Sacrament Parish in Greenbush is again sponsoring the event, and funds raised go towards the church. 

As in past years, the Farmer’s Market also invites and welcomes outside vendors, at no fee, to come and sell their own goods. Vendors don’t have to call in advance and may set up at 3 pm on any of the Thursdays. 

“We want other vendors to come,” Stauffenecker said, “because the more things there are for people here, the more people are going to want to see what there is each week and it benefits all of us.” 

To see the complete story, read the August 9 issue of The Tribune in print or online.

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