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City of Greenbush orders feasibility report for 2018 water main project

The Greenbush City Council not only approved the assessment rate and hearing for a 2016 water main project, but also the ordering of the feasibility report for the 2018 water main project during its August 21, 2017 meeting. The 2018 improvement project is the first of five annual water main projects projected to run until 2022. 

“I don’t want to keep pushing problems off for future councils,” Greenbush Mayor Brenda Sather said.

The current water mains left to replace originated from the 1940’s, 1950’s, and 1960’s.  This upcoming 2018 project is replacing mains from the 40’s.  

“When something’s that’s old, you’re playing with fire,” council member Scott Waage said.

The 2018 project will affect some, not all, properties along Minnesota Avenue, Fifth Street, Hill Avenue, Stephen Avenue, and the alley running behind Old Ridge Road in Greenbush. 

Before this 2018 project, the city is having its 2016 project assessed, including water mains along Fourth Street North from Highway 11 to County State Aid Highway 4. 

One can view the projects map and the preliminary assessment roll to see if he or she is one of those being affected. These resources are both located under the “City Government” tab online at on the Greenbush City website. Click on the August 21, 2017 Agenda at the top of the page and view the map on page six and the roll on page four of the document.

The city is required to hold a hearing on the 2016 water assessment and will do so on October 2 at 5:30 pm in the Greenbush Library Conference Room. All those owning property affected by this improvement will get a chance to voice their thoughts at this time.

The total cost for this 2016 project amounted to $601,957, but the city received a principal forgiveness of $472,723, allowing it to take on just a $129,234 loan. The city engineer, Steve Emery from Widseth Smith Nolting, said the city was in a good position to get grants dollars given all the past work it had done on its water system.

To see the complete city meeting report, read the August 30 issue of The Tribune in print or online.

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