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12-year old Pearson bags a 6×6 bull elk

Karlstad resident Isabel Pearson had the experience of the lifetime last Saturday, taking down a big bull elk after having her name drawn in the state elk lottery.

Isabel got her chance just 20 minutes into the hunt Saturday morning, September 9. She made the shot at 500 yards, taking down a 6×6 bull, roughly scoring in at 360. This score is calculated from measurements of the points on the animal’s antlers and is “way above average,” according to Isabel’s dad Jonathan Pearson. “She was very lucky,” he says, noting that is a very large bull for this area.

For more on this story, see this week’s North Star News!

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  1. D.I. Blazejewski on October 5, 2017 at 9:58 am

    Congratulations! You are keeping up the longstanding hunting successes of the Blazejewski families. Especially that of your Granpa Florian and uncles A.E.(Ed) and Ludwig. Also don’t forget Bobby.

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