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Badger’s story is coming together

This photo of the Badger Heritage Wall project depicts a John Deere “H” tractor. Farmers in the area are very partial to the model of their equipment. To keep things peaceful, the wall also has a “red tractor”.

This photo depicts a typical farm home that is being showcased on the Badger Heritage Wall, a project bringing people together and creating plenty of conversation.

Sherri Kruger stands next to a red barn, one of her favorite parts of the Badger Heritage Wall, a project she started and is currently, with the help of others, putting together. A groundbreaking ceremony for this wall will take place at its new location right behind Border State Bank in Badger at 4-5 pm during the city’s annual Fall Fest celebration on September 16. (photos by Ryan Bergeron)

This photo of the Badger Heritage Wall project depicts a rural Badger church. In the background, one also can see several crops and field lines, an effort to reflect how Badger began— as a farming community.

Badger community member and teacher Sherri Kruger spends almost every day in the red building next to Twins Corner Café located along Main Street in Badger. Since June, she has worked in this building, sometimes seven days a week and, before school started, from 8:30 am to 5:00 pm. She never gets tired of the work she’s doing in this building.

Now that school has started, she works in the Badger School during the day, but spends about three hours after school in that red building. She doesn’t always work in this building alone though, and encourages others to stop by to see what’s going on and assist with the work she’s doing. 

What work is she doing?

She is still working hard, along with several others, to put together Badger’s story through a stained glass mosaic– a public art project she calls the Badger Heritage Wall. She has worked on this project in some capacity for nearly a year and a half and the end is almost near. She gave an update on the project, and reminded people why she’s doing this public art project. 

Working with the public, the city, area veterans, and especially the Badger Town and County Club, Kruger found a new location for this project after logistical concerns were raised about what’s acceptable to have in a Veterans Park, the previous location. So, the project moved from the Veterans Park, located just off Highway 11 in Badger, to a small green space behind Border State Bank in Badger. Despite the location move, the public interest in this project has never wavered.

“It’s really fun to see what’s happened in the community since we started this…People walk in(to the red building) all the time,” Kruger said.

Kruger and her several helpers are still working on the mosaic, but have completed several scenes. This stained glass mosaic– a 24 by 10 foot piece, including the outside family tiles framing it, is telling a story–Badger’s story. 

During Badger Fall Fest, a groundbreaking ceremony for the wall will take place from 4 to 5 pm, with refreshments being served, at the wall’s new location behind Border State Bank.

Kruger hopes to have everything ready to go for this wall by April 1, 2018. 

To see the full story, read the September 13 issue of The Tribune in print or online.

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