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City further reviews 2018 water main project

The city reviewed the feasibility and cost estimates of the upcoming 2018 water main project, only to find out that an area of the project falls just two points short of being eligible for any Public Facilities Authority (PFA) funds, according to city engineer Widseth Smith Nolting. This announcement influenced the city to question what areas to work on as part of this upcoming project. 

This proposed 2018 project, to replace cast iron water mains with new PVC water mains, includes two areas, adding up to a combined estimated cost of $837,100, with $329,040 of that being assessed. 

Area One includes: Stephen Avenue from Fifth Street to the alley west of Sixth Street, Sixth Street from Central Avenue (State Highway 11) to Stephen Avenue, and beginning in the alley west of Sixth Street and heading southwest past Portland Avenue about 550 feet and looping around to the current water main on Old Ridge Road.  This project cost of this area totals an estimated $435,800, with $174,320 being assessed.

Area Two includes: Minnesota Avenue from Fifth Street to Fourth Street, Hill Avenue from Fifth Street to Sixth Street, and Fifth Street from Minnesota Avenue across Central Avenue. The project of this area totals an estimated $401,300, with $145,720 being assessed.

Steve Emery of Widseth Smith Nolting explained that he could try to get the points on Area Two increased to bump it into the PFA fundable range, but did add that the city didn’t have to do Area Two, and instead could move forward with Area One and reassess Area Two at a later time. 

As the city continued to discuss how to proceed, Emery explained how the city would have to hold an improvement hearing and then decide if it would proceed with plans and specs for the projects. City Clerk Anita Locken then responded that the city needs to know what areas it’s going to have work done on before sending out any public meeting notices to affected parties.

The city also discussed either approving a combined assessment on Area One and Two, or two separate assessments for each.

“It’s cheaper for Area Two if you can combine them (the assessments),” Greenbush Mayor Brenda Sather said.

The assessment rate for just Area One totals $68.41 per front foot and for just Area Two totals $77.18 per front foot. The combined assessment rate for the two areas totals $72.15 per front foot.

Emery again said how he would look into finding out whether Area Two could get funded though PFA and later added how he would come to the council on October 16. At that time, the city would decide when it wanted to hold the improvement hearing for those affected by these projects. 

In order to do both areas of this project or just one, the latest the city could hold this hearing would be in late November and the latest to get plans and specs would be in March. The city is hosting an improvement hearing for last year’s water main project on October 2 at 5:30 pm in the Greenbush Community Center.

The city didn’t take any formal action on this proposed 2018 water main project.

Next Meeting: The next regularly scheduled meeting will take place on October 16 at 5:30 pm in the Greenbush Library Conference Room. 

To see the complete meeting story, read the September 20 issue of The Tribune in print or online.

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