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ASEC Board of Directors’ Meeting Minutes August 15, 2017

ASEC Board of Directors’ Meeting Minutes August 15, 2017 Vice-Chairman Bruer called the regular meeting of the Board of Directors for the Area Special Education Cooperative to order at 9:30 am at the Blue Moose Restaurant, East Grand Forks, MN. Board Members present were Chris Mills, Randy Bruer, Evan Hanson, Jim Guetter, Brian Clarke, Rob Nudell, Lon Jorgensen, and Kevin Ricke. Mike Kolness, Bill Walters, and Shawn Yates were absent. Gary Jones, Julie Aumock, Judd Fredstrom, and Becky Conati were also present. MONTHLY FINANCE REPORTS: Motion by Mills, seconded by Nudell to approve the July 18th, 2017 board meeting minutes as presented. UC Motion by Nudell, seconded by Hanson to approve the agenda as presented. UC Motion by Guetter, seconded by Mills, to approve the July 2017 bill run totaling $89,263.70 including check numbers 41691-41750, $100,000 transfer on July 21, 2017 from savings to US Bank, and the Expenditure/Revenue Report ending July 31, 2017. UC Guetter mentioned the low interest rates on the savings account. DIRECTORS’ REPORTS: Jones talked about EDRS entry of ASEC staff and how that impacts the districts. Aumock mentioned that early childhood staff had 24 referrals for possible early intervention services. She reminded members about the online training options through Infinitec and the teacher training being offered this fall from NWSC. Fredstrom mentioned upcoming ASEC trainings and the ABS license statement from MDE. ACTION ITEMS: Motion by Mills, seconded by Ricke to approve 10 summer hours for Cecily McGlynn. UC Motion by Jorgensen, seconded by Guetter to approve the lane change request from Laura Stromsodt to move from BA+15 to BA+30. UC The September meeting was scheduled for Tuesday, September 19th, 2017 in East Grand Forks. Bruer adjourned the meeting at 10:20 a.m. Becky Conati, Administrative Assistant Evan Hanson, Governing Board Clerk (September 27, 2017)

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