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“Put another log on the fire!”

Gary (Jackie) Erickson stands alongside his outdoor brick oven that he made in 2013. He says it’s his favorite way of baking homemade pizza and homemade bread.

It all began after seeing an outdoor clay oven on acreage Gary (Jackie) and Joan Erickson’s daughter had purchased at Kindred, N.D. It really sparked Gary’s interest.

His interest heightened even more when the previous landowner showed Gary how to operate the oven and what was baked in it.

“We sampled bread and pizza – that sold me on the idea,” he stated.

Jackie decided to go online and order a set of outdoor oven plans. 

“I liked the plans for the base (of the oven) but improvised on the top part. After the base was done, I read that the ideal oven was an igloo shape, so I found some plans online, read what this guy did, and kind of followed his ideas. I didn’t buy the plans for the igloo shape. 

“The clay outdoor oven was deteriorating so I made ours of cement bricks and with insulated cement all around the firebox and oven.”

The dome-shaped oven measures three feet across at the bottom and 18 inches high in the center. It had to have a floating base so the entire floor of the oven is suspended on metal rods. Around the outside of the cooking floor is a relief area so when the oven heats up and expands, the base doesn’t crack. The bottom half of the stove is for storage. 

To see the full story on this Badger man’s outdoor oven, read the September 28 issue of The Tribune in print or online.

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