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Area author promotes book and writing at GMR

Deb Koebernick’s second grade Greenbush/Middle River class poses for a photo with area author Janice McAlpine (holding the book) after she read them her first published book, “Molly McPherson 1st Lady”, and answered some of their questions. McAlpine visited and read her book to GMR students in kindergarten to sixth grade and also encouraged writing skills on Wednesday, October 4 in the Greenbush school site library.

Author Janice McAlpine reads her first published book, a children’s story titled “Molly McPherson 1st Lady”, inspired by a dog that made an impression on her. McAlpine said the hardest part about writing is picking up that pen and starting.

While talking with Greenbush-Middle River fifth and sixth graders in the Greenbush site library, author Janice McAlpine explained what the hardest part of writing process is. 

“It doesn’t matter what it is that you’re writing, as long as you pick up the pen and start because that’s the hardest part is getting started,” McAlpine said. 

McAlpine took that first step to write her first book, a children’s story titled “Molly McPherson 1st Lady”. To promote this book, she read it to GMR kindergarten to sixth grade students throughout the day and answered questions about writing, publishing, and illustrating techniques from the fifth and sixth graders on Wednesday, October 4.

“I have experienced teaching kids at this age and I mean it’s been many years since I was in a classroom,” said McAlpine, a former teacher, about what she enjoys about visiting these schools. “But I have found that kids have such an abundance of imagination and sometimes they just need a little guidance as to where to steer it. And their energy is infectious, and so I find that coming to a school feels like home to me.”

Greenbush resident Merri Vacura illustrated the book.

To learn more about Alpine, a current Thief River Falls resident, and her new book, visit her website:

To see the complete story, read the October 11 issue of The Tribune in print or online. 

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