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Minutes of Regular Meeting The Board of Trustees Badger ISD 676

Minutes of Regular Meeting The Board of Trustees Badger ISD 676 A Regular Meeting of the Board of Trustees of Badger ISD 676 was held Monday, September 11, 2017, beginning at 7:30 PM in the FACS Room. 1. Call to Order at 7:32 P.M. 1. 1. Roll Call: Jamie Isane, Jim Christianson, Cari Dostal, Curt Hauger, Carol Rhen, Jeramy Swenson 1. 2. Administration: Tom Jerome, Shena Brandt and Stacey Warne 1. 3. Department Managers: None Present 2. Visitors Present: Becky Dostal, Mary Langaas, Ryan Bergeron Visitor Comments: None 3. Approval of Agenda 3. 1. A motion was made by Member Rhen, seconded by Member Dostal and UC that, BE IT RESOLVED that the Board of Education approve the agenda of the September 11th, 2017 Regular Board Meeting as presented/amended. 4. Minutes 4. 1. Recommended motion: Member Swenson moved to approve the minutes of the August 14th, 2017 Regular Board Meeting. Motion seconded by Member Christianson. 5. Consent Agenda 5. 1. Pay Bills: Motion by Member Rhen to approve the payment of bills check #57880 through check # 57933 as listed, Purchasing Card electronic payments dated September 3rd, 2017 and Electronic Fund Transfers as submitted. Motion seconded by Member Swenson. 6. Additional Agenda Items 7. Communications 7. 1. Superintendent 7. 1. a. Building and Grounds • The rebate amount of $19,000 for the LED lighting project was in question following the school board meeting on August 14th. Scott Sigette with Ottertail Power was contacted and met with Superintendent Jerome on August 29th and indicated that the rebate amount should be over $48,000. He apologized for the error of $30,000. The lighting project is complete. 7. 1. b. Badger School District Financial Audit • Brady Martz is in the process of completing audit • Anticipated date for audit presentation is during the regular October board meeting. 7. 1. c. Badger School District “Back to School” open house • August 30th • “open house” provided opportunity for students, parents and community members to visit our school buildings and with our staff members • Ice Cream Sundaes were provided 7. 1. d. Fall Workshop • August 29th – September 1st 7. 1. e. Student Enrollment Numbers • September 11th, 2017 Enrollment is 229 • September 9th, 2016 : Badger Enrollment was: 255 • September 9th, 2015 : Badger Enrollment was: 255 • *see attached 7. 1. f. Badger School District Non-Certified Staff • Mrs. Sandra Thompson has been recommended for the Special Education Paraprofessional position • Mrs. Thompson has 9 years of Paraprofessional experience 7. 1. g. Minnesota School Board Association Statewide Advocacy Tour • MSBA is hosting a series of regional meetings throughout the fall • There is a meeting on Tuesday, September 12th from 5:30 – 7:30 p.m. in Thief River Falls • If you wish to attend meeting, please register at: 7. 1. h. Minnesota Rural Education Association • MREA is hosting a series of regional meetings throughout the state • Meeting is intended to present educational issues and gather input on issues that matter most to rural education. • There is a meeting on Monday, September 18th : 7:00 -9:00 Thief River Falls 7. 1. i. Minnesota Rural Education Association Annual Conference • Sunday, November 12th – Tuesday, November 14th • Future Ready Students” Conference will take place in Brainerd • Please let me know as soon as possible if you wish to attend conference 7. 1. j. Badger School District Seniority and Teacher Certification List • Has been posted and presented to Education Association for review/approval • The BEA has offered no objections to seniority list 7. 1. k. Border State Bank • Facilitated a fundraising drive to collect school supplies • Supplies were donated to school and distributed to students and classrooms in need within the district 7. 1. l. Badger School District Preliminary 2017 payable 2018 Levy Report 7. 2. Dean of Students 7. 2. a. Homecoming royalty was announced on Friday, September 8th at the Football game during half-time. Students will be dressing up all week for spirit week. 7. 2. b. Master Schedule 7. 2. c. OCHS Enrollment • Numbers are down from last year. There are 11 students enrolled in a total of 15 courses, five of which are sophomores. 8. Reports 8. 1. Accept Cash Report through August 31st, 2017 subject to audit. Motion by Member Hauger, Second by Member Rhen. U.C. 8. 2. Safety Committee will meet in October and the date is TBD 9. Old Business 10. New Business 10. 1. Approve the hiring of Sandra Thompson as paraprofessional. Motion by Member Dostal, Second by Member Swenson. U.C. 10. 2. Approve the 2017 – 2018 academic year Badger School District Teacher Seniority and Certification list as presented. Motion by Member Rhen, Second by Member Christianson. U.C. 10. 3. The School Board of School District 676 certify the preliminary 2017 payable 2018 levy at the maximum amount. Motion by Member Christianson, Second by Member Dostal. U.C. 11. Adjourn Motion by Member Christianson, Second by Member Swenson to adjourn the meeting at 8:27 P.M. Cari Dostal, Clerk Jamie Isane, Chairperson (October 18, 2017)

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