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Badger board member suggests recording incoming phone threats

While reviewing the district’s crisis plan, Badger board member Curt Hauger asked Superintendent Tom Jerome if the district records incoming phone call conversations when they first come in. Jerome said the district does not.

Hauger suggested that the district look into recording incoming phone conversations, specifically threats, coming into the school. He said the district legally could record these initial calls. He later explained the importance in doing so by using the example of a bomb threat. 

“It’s really important, I think, for law enforcement to have that initial phone call because somebody that calls in a bomb threat, normally what’ll happen is he’ll say, ‘There’s a bomb planned and it’s going to go off at 10 o’clock in the school,’ Hauger said. “And that’s it; that’s all you have. Now (with the recording) you can go back and you can take a look at (the initial call).” 

He later mentioned how it’s inexpensive to do this and that one of the first things law enforcement asks for, if such a phone threat were to occur, is whether or not they have the call, or threat, recorded. Asked by Board Chairperson Jamie Isane if he knew of any other schools that have this in place, Hauger said he thought Roseau did. 

Jerome said he could possibly touch base later with the Roseau Superintendent to ask him what lines are recorded that are coming into the Roseau School District, or if it is done at all.

Later, Hauger clarified how the only thing that would be recorded is that initial call, as, he said, the district wouldn’t want all the phones covered.


Jerome asked whether Hauger wanted him to look into it or if Hauger wanted to look into more himself. Hauger said he would look into it and could talk with a chief in Roseau about it. 

To see the full Badger board story, read the October 18 issue of The Tribune in print or online. 

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