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Tri-Valley Head Start, Child & Family Programs “Great Apple Crunch” Food Day!

Minnesota farmers are in full swing come autumn, it is the perfect time to celebrate the products they grow and raise! Jami Nunn, Food & Nutrition Specialist has been working with the Institute of Agriculture and Trade Policy to promote Farm to Early Care in TVOC’s head start centers.   Throughout the year there has been two focus fruits or vegetables incorporated into the menu’s each month.  Children spend time learning in their classroom on how valuable farming is to our economy as well learning how fresh produce enhances their palates.

In October, Minnesota and other states across the nation celebrate Farm to School and Early Care Month.  Farm to Early Care Celebrations have taken place within Tri-Valley’s centers such as children showing their love for apples during the “Great Apple Crunch” on Thursday, October 12th.  The centers served apples for lunch and participated in activities revolving around apples.  Centers such as Glencoe/Hutchinson promoted Farm to Head Start by putting on a Harvest Fest for families on October 13th to celebrate this season.

Here is how centers have been celebrating Farm to School and Early Care Month!


Preschool 1 created a Great Apple Crunch door.  In addition; each room did apple tasting, apple research, and several other apple related activities.  As well, the staff enjoyed apples for a healthy treat.


Rochester Read Ten Apples Up On Top to their Kids, talked about colors and make art with that color, They smash apples, make apple sauce, make apple croissants, have apple slices for lunch.


Kids got to weigh apples, talk about colors, shapes, smells and where they come from.  They also got a couple of slices during snack time.


Children completed activities letting children explore a variety of apples. They talked about size, color, and taste. They also had a chance to explore different ways apples could be prepared such as applesauce and apple cider.

St. Cloud:

Planned fun activities for the children such as; practicing fine motor skills, cognitive, talked about colors and much more. We also had fun tasting the different kinds of apples.

East Grand Forks:

Children put their hands inside a feely bag to try and guess what was inside.  They drew pictures in their journal about what they thought it was.  Turned out to be apples! They also taste tested red, green, and yellow apples and talked about the color, taste (sweet or sour), crunchy or soft.  Then they picked what apple they liked best. EGF also read the book “10 Apples Up on Top” by Dr. Seuss and did an activity with apples.  They were able to measure and count during preparation of a cooking activity.

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