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City of Greenbush takes another step forward in 2018 water main project

After ordering a feasibility report last month on the 2018 water main project, the City of Greenbush heard word that Area One of this project qualified for the Project Priority List (PPL) through the Minnesota Department of Health (MDH). Being placed on this PPL allows the city to fund projects through the Minnesota Public Facilities Authority (MPFA). Funding through MPFA also opens the city up to grant opportunities. Area Two of this project did not qualify. The city took steps to still move forward with the project during its October 16 meeting. 

As review, this project includes replacing existing cast iron water mains with new PVC ones. The combined cost of this project totals $837,100. The total amount assessed to property owners, if the city moves forward on both areas, equals $320,040.

In response to just one part of the project qualifying for funding, the city did order the plans and specs for Area One. Planning to contact MDH about the Area Two grant funding, the city also will order plans and specs for Area Two, if it hears back from MDH within a reasonable time and can take on the project financially at a reasonable price with possible MPFA funding.

According to city documents, Area One includes: Stephen Avenue from Fifth Street to the alley west of Sixth Street, Sixth Street from Central Avenue to Stephen Avenue, and in the alley west of Sixth Street going past Portland Avenue and eventually looping back into the current Old Ridge Road water main.

City Clerk Anita Locken said that Area One is the higher priority of the two, hearing more complaints. With the city’s recent motion, it’s not obligated to actually do Area Two in 2018. Council member Scott Waage said though that the people in Area Two do deserve as good of water as Area One, and would have to do Area Two within five years. 

According to city documents, Area Two includes: Minnesota Avenue from Fifth Street to Fourth Street, Hill Avenue from Fifth Street to Sixth Street, and Fifth Street from Minnesota Avenue across Central Avenue. Locken speculated that the looping in Area Two could be a reason behind it not qualifying for grant funding.

The city doesn’t know for sure if it will actually get the grant funding, but if it does, as Sather clarified, it could only go towards Area One. 

Also, thanks to the feasibility report, the city discovered that the assessment rate for Area One had changed, increasing to $77 per property. Why? A total of 15 lots were pulled out of this assessment due to a city agreement to not double assess these lots. 

To see more from this Greenbush city meeting, read the October 25 issue of The Tribune in print or online. 

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