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Klobuchar visits Kittson Memorial Healthcare Clinic

U.S. Senator from Minnesota, Amy Klobuchar, visited the Kittson Memorial Healthcare Center (KMHC) on October 21, 2017, to tour the facility and hear the issues and concerns that the KMHC has at a federal level.

One important topic discussed with the Senator was attracting and retaining qualified workforce in rural areas. Cindy Urbaniak, the Nursing Home Administrator and former CEO of KMHC, expressed some frustration that has been experienced by the clinic in the past. “There were so many forms that we had to fill out for an LPN from Canada that was interested in the job,” Urbaniak started out. “We would fill out the forms and send them in, only to be told ‘no we have to have you fill out these forms too’ and this happened so many times. One time I couldn’t even find the form online that they required.” After six months, KMHC had to give up. Another frustration included the transferring of CNA licenses between states; KMHC has had to wait two to three months for a transfer to go through.

For the rest of the story, see the North Star News!

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