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Rooted: new young adult gathering meets in Hallock

Rooted is a newly started group with the Kennedy Covenant Church, geared for young adults and young couples without kids. The average age of the attendees is mid- to late-twenties with about 12 people showing up the third week of Rooted last Tuesday, November 7, 2017. But, according to Andrew Carlson, Kennedy Covenant Church Intern who is leading the group, there are about 30 people altogether who have attended.

Andrew Carlson started talking to the Kennedy Covenant Church Pastor, Steve Grosz, about reaching other young adults in the area. “Some of the young adults here are isolated,” Carlson said. “Steve and I wanted to do something to connect them to the church, so that they can be encouraged and grow spiritually.” Which is how Rooted got started.

Carlson then picked six topics for six weeks to start the group out: God’s Will, Career, Singleness, Dating, Commitment, and Faith. Rooted is halfway through this schedule. Carlson chose these topics because they are common struggles of young adults.

For more on Rooted, see this week’s North Star News.

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