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Karlstad city website gets revamped

The City of Karlstad has a new website, designed by local citizen Marissa Steien. Steien updated the website this past summer, when she was approached by City Councilman Michael Wade. “The City Council saw my work on Tri-County’s website when I was the Network Systems Administrator there,” Steien said. “Keegan has since taken it over and done a phenomenal job with that one, but the city website I keep updating as needed.”

Steien used Squarespace, a website builder that was started in 2003 and has since grown to serve millions of websites created by a variety of businesses and individuals. Steien loves Squarespace for the simplicity and the quality of their product and has used them frequently in the past. “Some people love coding; it’s like a different language,” Steien says. “And I can do some of that, but sometimes it’s better to save the time and energy and utilize a good tool that does coding for you.”

The Karlstad website is decorated in green and sports the northern mascot: a moose. Scrolling down, the user can read a brief description of the city, an application for the City Clerk position, and some local business logos.

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