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TriCounty School offers Community Ed classes

A special election was held on November 7, 2017 to appoint a School Board member. Jenalea Duray was appointed to finish up Corey Wikstrom’s term in January 2017 and was elected by majority vote at the November 7 election to continue in her position. She will serve until the term expires on January 7, 2019.

Superintendent Baron also reported on the positive interest being garnered for the Community Ed classes. The first class, scheduled for December 9, is lefse making. Future classes include genealogy, strength and fitness, photography, and CPR. Dates and times are available at

Dean of Students Nick Amb discussed a new evaluation process being put into place for coaches, for pre-, mid-, and post-season. This will include students’ feedback, possible self-reflection from coaches, and maybe some observations made by colleagues in practice settings to get ideas. The overall idea is to let coaches have some feedback on what a good process looks like, to reaffirm the good, and maybe get some new ideas if a process isn’t working. Amb will report more on this as it develops.

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