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Four generations of Wiskows enjoy deer season together

Arnold (Barney) Wiskow, of the first Wiskow hunting generation, is shown with Austin Wiskow (left) and Holly Ann Wiskow, right, who are both of the fourth generation deer hunters. (submitted photo)

Four generations of the Wiskow family had the privilege of gathering together for another deer season at the Wiskow hunting cabin. (submitted photo)

When deer season rolled around again this year, the Wiskow hunting cabin in Huss Township was, as in past years, hustling and bustling with activity and anticipation.
Among them was the only surviving hunter from the first generation of Wiskows, Arnold (Barney) of Thief River Falls, Minn., who loves sharing deer hunting memories from way back then to the present.  He will be celebrating his 90th birthday in February, 2018.
Barney told that he and his brother, the late Floyd Wiskow, couldn’t sleep so they would get up at 3:00 in the morning and drive around in a 1929 Model A Ford looking for deer tracks.
He shot his first deer was he was 16 years old.
“I shot 10 rounds and only wounded the deer,” he said.  “I told Dad (Dewey) that I had shot one and wounded it, so Dad told me, ‘Go chase it out and I’ll shoot it’, and that’s what he did.”
Over the years the Wiskows have continued to gather at the Wiskow hunting cabin when each season rolls around.
Merlyn Wiskow, (son of Floyd) and of the second generation, was 12 years old when he shot his first deer.  The year was 1963.
“The crew let me go hunting with them,” Merlyn said.  “I was using Grandpa Dewey’s 410 slug shotgun and shot a fawn.  Barney still has the gun and this fall he shot two partridges with it.”
This year four generations got to shoot a gun and all four got their deer.
The generations include:  Barney Wiskow, first generation; Barney’s nephew, Merlyn Wiskow, second generation; Merlyn’s son, Josh, third generation, Josh’s  10-year-old son, Austin, fourth generation.  Austin’s brother, Brody, six, got to go along.
Barney’s nephew, Dennis Wiskow, and brother of Merlyn, is of the third generation of Wiskows.  His son, Dane, is a second generation family member, and Dane’s 10-year-old daughter, Holly Ann, fourth generation, who shot her first deer this year.
Merlyn and his three sons, Josh, Joe, and Jake all shot bucks this season.
The traveling trophy, which was started in 1986, will have Joe Wiskow’s name and the year 2017 added to the list of previous winners by Ernie Gieseke of Gieseke Trophies.  Joe earned recognition with his eight-pointer.
The Wiskow cabin is owned by a corporation and is located on land that once belonged to Merlyn and Dennis’ father, Floyd.
To see the complete story, read the November 29 issue of The Tribune in print or online.

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