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“Darcy and Friends” to again perform at Bethlehem Lutheran Church, December 10

photo by Ryan Bergeron
“Darcy Reese and Friends” performed a variety group of Christmas and non-Christmas songs for the audience at Bethlehem Lutheran Church in rural Greenbush, including some solo performances, at last year’s event.

A Country Christmas is taking place on December 10 at Bethlehem Lutheran Church on County Road 23 in Greenbush, Minn. “Darcy and Friends” from Thief River Falls will be providing the late afternoon music.
For the past three years, Darcy Reese has made it her mission to bring musical friends with her from Thief River Falls to provide a one-hour program of singing and fellowship with all who attend. Darcy is the choir director at Franklin Middle School and Lincoln High School in Thief River Falls. Originally from Greenbush, she was baptized in the Bethlehem Church back in 1965.
This “Darcy and Friends” event is a fundraiser for the church. Bethlehem was in much needed repair three years ago when Darcy, Mardy Anderson, Noel Svegdahl, and Neil Gustafson devised a plan to raise the church once again, but they knew they couldn’t do it by themselves. Darcy was elected to write letters to past parishioners and friends of the church to ask for donations for major repairs.
They are now entering Phase II of their major repairs project, which will rely solely on private donations as did Phase I. Phase II involves repairs to the inside of the church after rain caused considerable damage to various corners in the church, requiring some carpentery work and paint to repair. The small amount of carpet that runs down the center of the church and up on the alter needs to be replaced due to the musty smell.
If one feels it in his or her heart to help with this project of love, he or she is asked to please bring their donation to the concert on December 10 or mail it to Darcy Reese in Thief River Falls. If one has relatives from far or near who have a connection to Bethlehem, he or she is asked to please share this with each of them to see if they too would be able to help finish Phase II of this project.
Darcy, Mardy, Noel, and Neil truly view this entire project as a labor of love. People are being asked to give thought to helping Phase II become a reality. People can send their donations for The Bethlehem Phase II Project to Darcy Reese 215 6th Street East, Thief River Falls, MN 56701. Checks should be made out to Bethlehem Lutheran Church Phase II Project.
“Darcy and Friends” pass the plate every year to help defray the cost of electricity and to pay for the upkeep of the grounds. The plate offering from “Darcy and Friends” is the only money generated in the year to pay for electricity and grounds costs. Darcy said they are so very thankful that people help them every year to pay for those two expenses by attending the one-hour concert.
The concert starts at 5:00 pm on Sunday, December 10, but the church will be open starting at 4:30 pm. The concert will conclude with everyone singing Christmas Carols in candlelight followed by singing to loved ones in the graveyard.
To see the full story, read the November 29 issue of The Tribune in print or online.

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