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Ice Conditions at Lake Bronson

A few fishermen braved the warm temperatures and set up ice houses at Lake Bronson State Park. According to Diane Peterson, Office Admin Specialist at the Lake Bronson State Park, ice thickness was about 7” last week, and during Thanksgiving weekend about 2” of water was reported to be on top of the ice. A few ice houses were removed at that point but most stayed. Now with a forecast of colder weather coming up more fishermen will be setting up for ice fishing. According to the Minn. DNR website,, ice thickness is safe to drive an ATV or snowmobile when it is at least 7”, safe to drive a car on at 12”, and safe to drive a pickup on when about 15”. But their official warning is that ice is never completely safe. “I wouldn’t recommend anyone driving out there with full sized vehicles right now,” Peterson said.

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